Secure Jobs Initiative

In 2013, The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation partnered with the state of Massachusetts to launch the Secure Jobs pilot with the goal of addressing both homelessness and joblessness. The Foundation recognized that while one quarter of families who are homeless in the United States receive a permanent housing subsidy, the other three quarters are forced to secure permanent housing on their own. It is for many of these families that Secure Jobs has made a significant and lasting impact.

By collaborating with the Massachusetts government, seven regional partner organizations, and many direct service agencies, Secure Jobs has been able to provide participants with an arsenal of resources to combat barriers to childcare, transportation, and transitional assistance. The collaboration offers access to real solutions and support that help families regain financial stability as they secure employment.

Now in its third year, Secure Jobs has worked to assist more than 1,000 participants raise their wages and remained housed.